Beware of Coconuts

ImageThis sign says it all.

Always look up.

Never set up camp or sit underneath a coconut tree.

And remember that life in Hawaii is so good that your biggest worry is a piece of  fruit falling on your head.

Granted, with enough height and a good enough amount of weight, a coconut could easily kill a person, but COME ON, what a great thing to have to worry about.

It’s not possible to avoid having problems in life, but I sure love the idea of a problem being solved as easily as by simply looking up. What a metaphor, solve all life’s misunderstandings by doing the simple task of glancing upward.


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"And no one is a stranger...for long."
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1 Response to Beware of Coconuts

  1. Larry says:

    I would probably not have thought to watch where I sit. Nice that there are few other things there to worry about. You are going to be spoiled if you ever venture back to “civilization”. lol

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