Prince Kūhiō Day

So, it turns out March 26th is a holiday, but only in Hawai’i.

While many students and workers around the country enjoy a day off (or perhaps even a week off) around the Easter season, in Hawai’i students, bank tellers, state employees, etc. are all given an extra day off to celebrate Prince Kuhio. This means, with the ever changing date of the Easter holiday that, like this year, students and workers can be granted a week where they only have to go to work three times, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t know about you but that sounds fine to me.

So who is Prince Kuhio and why does he get his own day? Well, I had no idea until I looked it up. In fact, I was unaware a holiday was even approaching until I saw a sign on the public bus stating that there would not be service on Tuesday. Prince Kuhio lived in the early 1900’s and is responsible for the Hawaiian Homestead Act, the Hawaiian Homestead Commission, and setting aside more than 200,000 acres of land for Hawaiian homesteaders. A fun little note about this holiday-giving-hero is that his holiday is one of only two in the United States that is celebrated for a person of royalty, the other is also a Hawaiian specific holiday.

How do you celebrate Prince Kuhio Day? Why with a parade, of course!

I wish you luck in remembering that this is a holiday one year from now, I know if I do, I will certainly reward myself with a day off, now that I’m 1/1,000 Hawaiian.

Happy PKD!

In other news: things are heating up, literally! As spring has arrived in Hawaii and the earth brings the Northern Hemisphere into a more direct path with the sun I find myself saying things like, “man, it’s muggy!” or “What is up with this HEAT!” Okay, so I still have a little of the thick Alaskan blood in me, what can I say? Nevertheless, I enjoy the fact that the evenings and mornings are cool and the Pacific Ocean continues to regulate the temperature of the islands. This is still a nice place to be considering it’s March which spells questionable weather in the Northeast. 

The latest photo for you, taken at one of the islands many secluded beaches a few days ago:



2 thoughts on “Prince Kūhiō Day

  1. Hot and muggy indeed! I just checked the temperature in Nome – minus 16°F – and no beautiful beaches. LOL. Here it’s nearing 40°F and the highs will be mid to upper 40’s all week. I might be able to get some seeds into the garden but I won’t be getting myself into the water for quite a while.

  2. Water the plants…not yourself, you might want to wait until June or July for that. Temperatures here for this week are expected to be right around 80, not bad for Easter weekend.

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