Hawaiian Weather…

What did you think about when you read that title? Did you imagine a forecast that boasts an 80 degree high and a 64 degree low with sunny skies for the next seven days? Well, you’d be correct…normally.

On Sunday, March 10, my little island, along with the other four middle islands experienced a day long down pour. There happened to be a weather system passing through that just decided to hang out over the islands for an entire day. As we sat under our roof, we jealously observed how just a few dozen miles away, the Big Island was experiencing a beautiful Sunday.

Now, why would I take the time to write a blog post about a little rain? Well, because it wasn’t just a little rain. Plus, it was a completely unique experience. Whereas it has normally been sunny and 80 degrees for my time here, all of a sudden on Sunday the sky opened up and it didn’t stop for the entire day.

I actually found the experience to be soothing, I welcomed the sound of rain for the first time in months, but for my friend Katie who had just arrived the day prior, it was a horrible way to kick off her Hawaiian vacation. I recently started using a pedometer (a device you attached to your hip to count the number of steps you take each day) and I had been averaging around 13,000 steps per day, but on Sunday there was no walking to be done, I took fewer than 800 steps. Katie and I spent the day switching back and forth between the apartment and the carport. Since the carport is only a few steps away it didn’t help increase my step count, but it was nice to be outside and watch the rain without having to get soaked through.

A few times throughout the day the rain would stop for no more than five minutes. It would give everyone a sense of false hope, enough to make your mind start planning an outdoor activity, and then, it would begin to pour again. I realized on Sunday that your residence can quickly begin to feel like a prison during a fierce South Pacific spring storm.

I thought I had gotten off easy only experiencing one rainy day because the skies cleared on Monday and they’ve been nice ever since, but I ran into a longtime Hawaiian on Wednesday and she told me otherwise. She said a few years back it rained for 40 days and 40 nights straight. I thought she was joking, making a reference to scripture, but then she explained how it was “eerie how biblical it was.” Yikes!


I’d like to put the message out into the universe…I like the sun and blue sky.

One thought on “Hawaiian Weather…

  1. And the universe answers back “You see, I made you waterproof. There is no reason not to cavort outside when it rains. Much of life does. And besides, all sun and blue sky forever and always would become commonplace and appreciation would fade.” But it IS a sad way to start a visit. Hopefully the contrast will make the sun & sky seem even that much better.

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