One Billion Rising

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their spouse or partner, but today in my little Hawaiian town we celebrated by dancing in the streets.

Apparently there is this movement happening called “One Billion Rising”. It’s a movement created to help put a stop to violence and abuse against women and girls around the world. In honor of these women and to promote the cause, my town joined more than 200 countries around the world by rising up and dancing. This evening from 6pm until 7pm on our little main street, the police blocked off the road and more than a hundred people gathered to dance for this cause. The setting was perfect – right in front of the library, so there were palm trees swaying in the wind and a beautiful yellow sky as the backdrop of the event as the sun was setting. People of all sorts got their dance on in the middle of the street. I saw women who must have been in their 70’s and 80’s grooving right along with men, women, kids, Native Hawaiians, Caucasians, people in wheel chairs, people without shoes, and even a dog or two. Together, they all danced to specific tunes that had to do with empowering women, or my personal favorite because it’s so appropriate, “Dancing in the Streets.”

The event was simple but powerful. People came together for a great cause and shared their support with 205 other countries around the globe. That kind of power is magnificent…everyone coming together. You gotta love Valentine’s Day now that there is something more to it than chocolates and candy hearts.

Check out the video. This was played at the dance this evening. Maybe you can help “break the chain”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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