I have a little bit of google-ing to do this evening because I think I saw something extraordinary a few hours ago and I want to make sure it was real. Today, the horizon was the most free of clouds that it has been since my arrival in Hawai’i. This gave me the opportunity to lay my eyes on two more islands, the island of Hawai’i (The Big Island) and Kahoolawe. From the pier that I was sitting on this evening I was able to look out to the horizon and see 5 of the 8 islands, which is a pretty cool experience. Like I said, the islands keep each other company.

I learned a few fun facts about Kahoolawe this afternoon from a local I met in the park. He tells me that Kahoolawe was once used as a testing ground for explosives and that the bedrock on the island was damaged during one of the explosions. This means that there isn’t any fresh water on the island and, therefore, it is uninhabited. Boy, I would love to make a trek over to that island! What an experience…

As neat as the history of the smallest island is, it was the Big Island that made the evening special tonight. Sitting out on the pier, I was enjoying yet another spectacular sunset, thrilled by the company of energetic whales and the new discovery of two islands, and then I noticed a faint light at the very top of the furthest island. I squinted a bit and focused my eyes and realized that the light was growing and then shrinking again a few moments later. The conclusion that my not-so-scientific brain drew from this wee light was that the volcano was erupting and I was matching it from dozens of miles away. How far off am I? This is why I’m going to do some google-ing… Who knows, maybe it will be in the newspaper this week, or maybe it’s so common an occurance that it doesn’t deserve a mention in the local paper. Either way, it was still cool for me.



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