A Thought From…Iceland Air?


My friend made a post on facebook yesterday with this little picture (which I believe is from Iceland Air (a journey I hope to go on eventually)). This, plus an inspiring visit with my friend Emily yesterday, makes me excited for the upcoming journey.

Why not just pack a bag and go? Why isn’t this the right time? When will be the right time? What is holding you back? Is it something that was holding you back 5 years ago? 10? I don’t know, maybe money may be the answer to this question for a lot of people. But my dear friend Emily made a point yesterday when she told me that money is made up. That may sound odd, but I think it’s true. How the heck did we as human beings get to this point where money was important? It’s not even real. We are living, breathing creatures; we need air and food, water and companionship. Last time I checked, I didn’t need a thin green piece of cotton to stay alive. Anyway, this is just a thought. When I wrapped things up in Alaska and before I headed off to Kenya I went to talk with a “professional” about investing some money that I had accumulated. But then I stopped myself, I realized that I could put the money away and see it again when I’m 65, or I could use it to see a bit more of the world. So, perhaps it’s not the most economically intelligent thing to do, but I think it’s the right thing for me to do spiritually right now. Hawaii has the potential to feed my soul, and I’ll figure out how to feed my bank account later.

Just pack a bag. What are you waiting for?

One thought on “A Thought From…Iceland Air?

  1. Very profound!!! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to copy and paste this post into a document so that I have a copy and can read it frequently. While working IT for a huge bank a friend there once remarked “Money is just a concept. It’s not real.” So true. Sad how we let a concept rule our lives. I’m grateful for your posts. They are full of real.

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