The Next Adventure

Hello again!

I did what I set out to do. After an exhilarating autumn in East Africa I made my way back to the states and was able to enjoy the holiday season with the people I love most in the world. However, after a lengthy January where I spent the bulk of my time in search of the next adventure, it is indeed time to spread my wings once again in search of something new. Since my return home I’ve had the opportunity to do a great deal of traveling and have been able to catch up with friends and family, my travels have taken me all over the state and beyond, spilling over into Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine. The time at home has been relaxing and rejuvenating, but I’m ready for something new…

Almost exactly one year ago I spent nine days taking a break from the record cold January that my part of Alaska was experiencing and headed for the warmth and tranquility of Hawaii. The temperatures, which were (on some days) literally 120 degrees warmer than in Alaska, made me fall in love with the place and I’ve been set on going back ever since. Now, one year later I am making this mini-dream a reality. On Monday (yes, less than one week from now) I will board a plane from NYC and jet off to the fiftieth state. Though this New York winter has been mild compared to what I experienced the last two years, I’m still looking forward to skipping out on the last of this season. Plus, I hear that the whales are hanging out in Hawaii right now, so I think I’ll go spend some quality time with them.

Consider this your official invitation to continue following me if you so choose. I liked the idea of blogging while I was in Kenya and Uganda and even though I was not able to update the blog as frequently as I would have liked, I hope I have better access to internet on this next adventure. I will have more details to follow, including where I will actually be staying, but for now just know that Hawaii is in my near future.

Thanks for taking the time to listen,


3 thoughts on “The Next Adventure

  1. Envy, Envy, ENVY. And also much happiness for you. You certainly deserve this adventure, the warmth, and the lush environment – with normal food even. Emily told us about the island you will be living on. Wow, WOW!!! One thing you must do is some snorkeling there. Here’s a link to shore entry spots that you might want to try. Described and rated.

    Have a wonderful time!!!

  2. I am SO excited for you. You remind me of how important it is to take risks and treat the world as a playground. I am sure you will do amazing things with your time in Hawaii. I can’t wait to visit. xxoo

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