Wandering the Highlands

The hostel where we stayed for the first week of November.
The hostel where we stayed for the first week of November.

I am so glad that this photo was taken. After almost three weeks of being at the orphanage, my three friends and I wandered through the Highlands to a place where a matatu (bus/taxi) picked us up and brought us the hour ride to the city of Thika. In Thika we treated ourselves to a meal and a little bit of culture. The matatu ride back didn’t bring us to the correct destination so we ended up having to walk miles and miles to get to home. I didn’t mind the walk at all, it was a nice afternoon and I knew the experience wandering through Kenya’s countryside would be something I’d remember for years to come. This photo was taken at a spot that we found particularly pretty. I think my happiness in the moment is captured nicely, that is why I like it so much.

The Hostel

2 thoughts on “Wandering the Highlands

  1. The hostel grounds look beautiful. If I just saw the picture without knowing the location I would have guessed a resort in the Caribbean. LOL Gosh – dropped off miles from your destination. How did you find your way? Did you see any animals. I would have been worried, especially about running into a poisonous snake, scorpion, or centipede. What about larger animals? I have to admit that you do look especially happy.

  2. Larry, you’re right. I always referred to our hostel as a “resort” because it was so beautiful, especially after the conditions we had been living in.

    When we were dropped off in the wrong place we knew exactly where we were, we just had a few miles to walk. Okay, we didn’t know EXACTLY where we were, but we had a pretty good idea. On that walk we encountered a family of some sort of grey monkeys. I took a few pictures of them, but they are hard to spot among all of the branches and leaves. They were a welcomed sight though. Thankfully no big animals or pesky insects on this particular walk.

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