Three Weeks Later: Unpacking the Experience

Ah, it’s hard to believe the amount of time that has passed since my return to the United States, and at the same time it feels like a life time ago that I was peeling crying children off of the ground and doing my best to stomach ugali.  In the time since I’ve been home I’ve been getting reacquainted with regular meals. I find myself disinterested in bland things such as beans and incapable of being able to say ‘no’ to things like donuts. I find myself not even feeling guilty anymore when it’s time to eat. But there are things about Africa that I miss. I spent a lot of my free time with the little guy in the photo above, as well as with many of the other kids at the orphanage, and after a length of time, especially in such an intense environment, you can’t help but begin to bond with the people around you. The fact that the kids I was spending my time with were full time residents at the place that I was happy only to call home for a matter of weeks left me feeling somewhat guilty. It’s hard to leave behind people that you care about, especially when they are young and especially when you know that you’re headed off to better things and their day to day routine will continue, ugali included.

Going from one extreme to another in such a short matter of time has taught me a lot about myself and about the world around me. Society and human beings in general are very interesting things. I have a hard time believing that if anyone were to venture over to Kenya that they wouldn’t want to change a few things about how the world works. If everyone were able to see the joy that exists in orphan children, who have nothing more than a few torn pieces of clothing to make up their worldly possessions, I think we all may reconsider what the important things in life are.

One thought on “Three Weeks Later: Unpacking the Experience

  1. Glad you are home safe and sound, and so happy you are continuing your blog (unlike another who shall remain nameless – but we both know who she is – LOL).

    What a cute child. It really hurts to think about the conditions in which he has to live when we, here and elsewhere throughout the affluent parts of the world, have the nerve to whine and complain. Though orphans, perhaps in some ways they have so much more than us – peace and acceptance.

    Yes to donuts, no to bland. You deserve it! Try some spicy condiments – tobasco maybe? In any event keep posting. We want more, more, MORE.

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