A Final Kenyan Morning Breaks

this computer that i’m on doesn’t seem to like the shift key, but i think i can handle that.

sadly, this is my final post from a crappy internet cafe computer in kenya. thank you for following what little of my journey i have been able to share on the internet since the adventure began back in september. again, i will continue to post some concluding thoughts upon my return to the states.

this weekend was a whirlwind of travel and emotion. we have literally been from one side of this country to the other (and back again) within the last two weeks. every time we reach a destination we are utterly exhausted, but usually pretty happy too. returning to the orphanage on friday was strange, there is some construction going on there as one of the current volunteers is digging a well. the man is a saint, and certainly had more monetarily to offer than i did. when we arrived many of the kids shrugged us off, almost as if they were expecting us to return. since we were so tired we were OK with this. i did get a big reaction out of julius though. i spent friday night talking to him and made sure to hook him up with a vitamin, something he has not had since i left.

the weekend went by rather quickly, both my companion and i were happy to take advantage of the down time and ride out our final Kenyan weekend in a familiar place. i made sure to bring my own bread for the weekend, no more orphanage food for me.

on monday morning we left the orphanage and headed for the small town of Ngong, which is about an hour outside of nairobi, we’ve been staying here ever since with a friend that we met when we were on the coast two weeks ago. we have been showered with beds, big meals and baths…creature comforts that i cannot wait to return to. we’ve spent today wandering ngong and going for a final motorbike taxi ride. the countryside here is indescribable (photos to come).  in a matter of minutes we will head into nairobi for a final excersion around east africa’s largest city and then we will head to the airport as it is getting dark. there is no need to worry, but with elections looming, it’s best that we make our Kenyan exit sooner rather than later.

my flight leaves nairobi at 4am so i will be waiting in the airport for almost 10 hours, but it is better than being in nairobi at night. after the flight from nairobi i will be in istanbul for an undetermined amount of time. here’s hoping i get home for my favorite holiday!

OK, this is it. i’m sad to be wrapping this up, but i will hop on a computer within a day of my return and start publishing the meat of what the adventure/journey has been and has meant to me. thanks again for putting up with this “bare bones” portion.

see you in the western hemisphere,


3 thoughts on “A Final Kenyan Morning Breaks

  1. Even what you call “bare bones” has been eye opening. As far as some of the kids reactions – I wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with a similar trend that Emily noticed in Nome. She said that Nomites were unwilling to be your friend if you weren’t going to stay. They kind of protected themselves from the eventual loss. Maybe the kids liked you too much to think about losing you again. In any event, I can’t wait to hear the full account and see as many of the pictures as I can. When you get back I would love to hear from you by email, phone, or best of all, a visit. Have a safe and comfortable trip back.

  2. I will require a meeting with you sometime after your return. I want many stories. And I will be more than willing to come out your direction if there’s a floor for me to sleep on so I don’t need to drive both ways in one day. Hopefully you make it back safely. If you have my number feel free to call to arrange something. If you don’t we can get creative. -Drake

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