Back In Kenya

Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa” produced six days of truly magnificent African experiences, but we decided to leave a day early and head back to Kenya. We just got in off of the overnight bus a few hours ago. I’m writing this message from an internet cafe in Nairobi and as soon as I’m done here my companion and I are going to go back to the orphanage that we left behind almost three weeks ago. We figured a weekend with the kids would be good for us, we miss them. I cannot wait to see their little faces light up, some of them were so disappointed when we left, and although we promised we’d be back, I don’t think they’re expecting us back this soon!

My time in East Africa is winding down, but I’ll be sure to send a concluding, well detailed email upon my return to America. This blog has not been what I expected, it has been so hard accessing the internet, and then when I find the chance to use it the keyboard is always so hard to type on, which results in these short messages.

I’ll be out of touch through Monday since we’ll be back in the Kenyan Highlands with the kids, but I hope to update once more before heading home. Hard to believe my autumn in East Africa is wrapping up.


One thought on “Back In Kenya

  1. I sure hope you are taking a ton of pictures. It will allow those of us who will never get to Africa to experence it through your eyes. I certainly appreciate your suffering through posting with difficult equipment. I really enjoy your commentary. I’m sure that the kids will be ecstatic to see you once again. The time must have simply flown for you. It seems as if you just left a few days ago and now you are preparing to leave for home. Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip back.

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