I’ve just quickly stopped into the cyber cafe to check to make sure our president is going to remain in office. Kenya is bustling with excitement since Obama has roots in Kenya. His grandmother still lives here and, apparently, if you don’t have an appointment you are not allowed to speak with her. The little village that she lives in is having a round the clock party for her grandson. All of the people in the cafe are happy, and I’m quite looking forward to going back to the hostel to celebrate with Hamisi.

This will probably be the last time I am able to update before leaving the Swahili Coast. It’s been a (somewhat) relaxing and awkward stay on the Indian Ocean, one I’ll look back on and remember only the good parts of. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll travel by matatu back to Mombasa, cross over the river on the ferry and then wait for the overnight train to take us back to Nairobi. From there, we’ll spend the day in the capital of East Africa and then that night we’ll board a bus and head to Uganda.

Since this is Africa I’m uncertain of the next time I’ll have internet access or a computer that works. So I’ll say a brief farewell for now in hopes that I’ll be able to get back on the internet sooner rather than later.


One thought on “Obama

  1. I didn’t watch election coverage last night so I got the good news from your post. I just hope that people remembered how obstructionist the congress was and threw the Republicans out lock-stock-and barrel.

    I imagine that travel there is somewhat more haphazard than elsewhere. It must be important to roll with it and keep a sense of humor. I hope the rest of your stay is supremely enjoyable.

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