The First Photo

I wish it was easier for me to upload photos while actually experiencing this trip, but it is a luxury I have not been able to experience. Most of the photos I have taken will have to be shared upon my return home.

I was able to steal one photo from a friend’s facebook, though. This is me with most of the kids. Sally is next to me and our two new friends from the UK, Imogen and Charlie are in the photo as well. This photo was taken just after dinner and RIGHT before bed time, so that may explain why many of the kids look disinterested or dead tired. Heck, some of them are probably even sleeping in this photo.

The little guy standing just below me is Daniel, Lulu is the boy in front with the cream on his head, and just above him, half asleep is Julius, the boy who adjusted well to the vitamin schedule I put him on. I hope, now that I’ve gone, he’s still doing OK. Although I doubt anyone is remembering to give him his vitamins.


We visited Old Town Mombasa yesterday for the day. If you’ve heard of Fort Jesus (one of the land marks of the city) we went there and experienced the unique architecture. Any time spent in the cities here is truly exhausting and I’m always thankful to leave. It was especially nice to come home to a pool, bed and spaghetti dinner at the hostel.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “The First Photo

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post. You are having quite the adventures! Some of the kids in the picture are older than I envisioned but I suppose that is probably their home until they age out. Am looking forward to hearing more of your stories upon your return when you get to our area to see Emily. Safe travels and enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful bunch of kids. I’m really enjoying your posts and can’t wait to see the pictures and hear your tales when you return.

  3. My darling boy, So great to catch up on all i have missed in Matty’s world since hurricane Sandy disrupted our lives (very minor in our case. 1st world problems like no phone, cable and only a couple of days w/out electricity) Love the picture, especially the two kids already asleep. See you when you get back. Love you. Be safe. xo, A. Beth

  4. Matt, I can’t wait to see your pictures, and be introduced to the world you are in right now: the kids, the food, and the lifestyle. I miss you!

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