Swahili Coast

I have left the Kenyan Highlands and am now comfortably positioned just south of the fishing town of Mombasa in Diani Beach. Here I will be staying for at least the next few days as I figure out what is to come next in my excursion.

I left the orphanage with a heavy heart; however, I actually skipped out two days early because I was feeling ready to leave. Sadly, being completely deprived of nutritious food for over a month just starts to take a toll on the body. I’m currently sitting at an expensive internet cafe and am being charged by the minute so this update will have to be quick, which seems to be the case each time I have a chance to write. When Sally and I left the orphanage yesterday morning we caught a matatu to the town of Thika where we hopped on a bus that brought us to Nairobi. There, we navigated the busy streets by foot until we found the rail station where we boarded the train and road overnight in the third class section across the country. The train broke down just outside of our destination, so we hailed another matata into Mombasa where we walked to the ferry which brought us across the water to where we are now. Last nights excursion across the vast Kenya landscape produced two elephant sitings and one water buffalo. My very own free safari.

Another update within the next two or three days.



One thought on “Swahili Coast

  1. Wow. Even getting from one place to another is an adventure there. From musk oxen, moose, and reindeer to elephants and water buffalo. You are certainly getting to see a lot of wildlife as well as a very wide experience with different environments. Hope you got yourself some nutritious and tasty food in Nairobi or Diani Beach. Even though you had to leave a couple of days early, I’m SURE that your work at the orphanage made a difference. You have my respect for sure.

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